The Sneakers Box - JAIME ERICE

JAIME ERICE Photographer Spain


Architect with a passion for design and photography, he is usually wearing a pair of beat up converse because strapped to his shoulder is his weapon of choice - Nikon D810 and he has to be combat-ready 24/7, because you never know when that perfect shot will come up. His developing of a true passion for sneakers began with a close relative working at a sneaker shop, he began to get some of those limited editions and soon the combination clicked, mixing photography and sneakers. Meeting El Zapatillaz Tio sealed the deal, with some pointers, Jaime has been hooked on sneaker photography. He can be frequently seen roaming the streets of Madrid seeking out that perfect location, finding the perfect surrounding for each sneaker, his shots are truly inspiring. He is also part of the collective @_shoet_ be sure to check out some of their work on the gram - and not just killer pictures.