The Sneakers Box - Brand Detail - DC Shoes

Founded in 1993 in Vista, California, by Ken Block and Damon Way (brother of the skater Danny Way), DC was initially conceived, as the initials suggest, meaning Droors Clothing, as a clothing brand now "dead", which does no longer have a specific meaning. Ken and Damon, classmates in a Community College, gave birth in 1990 to a clothing line named Eightball. The first successful item was a pair of "snow jeans" specifically realized for winter snowboard sessions.The two guys, four years later, in 1994, founded a brand purposely dedicated to the snowboard rising sport, Dub Outwear. At the same time, with the new name "DC shoes", Ken and Damon began working on the tempting skateboarding market. From 1995 on, the novel brand has realized several collaborations with other accomplished skateboarding brands and with lots of events regarding this interesting discipline. DC shoes was a sneaker brand initially specialized in skateboarding items, which then extended its offer, aiming at other "action sports", such as bmx, surf, snowboard, moto-x, and drifting of course, stunning car discipline, Ken Block himself is one of the most appreciated pilots of.