The Sneakers Box - Brand Detail - Ewing Athletics

Founded in 1989, Ewing Athletics was the first brand of basketball shoes founded and owned by a professional basketball player, the star New York Knicks star Patick Ewing. The first production model was the Rebound, but then success came with the 33 HI, which took its name from the player's tank top number, 33. From the mid 90s on, the brand began producing any kind of footwear, rather than the basketball models worn by Ewing during the matches. The brand began to release different basketball shoe models, along with trainers, running and outdoor shoes. As far as clothing is concerned, Ewing started ranging from t-shirts to leather jackets. The most famous sneaker models remain the "Focus", worn throughout 1993 season, the "Image" and the "Domain" the following year, while 1996 glorified the "Empire".