After the comeback of the iconic silhouette, the Three Stripes brand come back with yet another color way of the Clima Cool 1. A couple weeks ago, we saw the first part of a three-sneaker release in collaboration with Coca Cola: the classic red.
Now, as modern times offer us a variety in Coke’s selection, the sneakers will also come with the same treatment: Clima Cool 1 in black and red (in allusion to Coca Cola Zero), and a grey version with red highlights (Diet Coke).
The sugar free versions of this unique collaboration are set to hit selected Adidas retailers for the 3rd of June, such as Kosmos,  Hanon and Afew. Keep an eye out for these. The current sneaker market is at an all time high, and releases like the Adidas Clima Cool 1 x Coca Cola will only make it go higher.