After the AJ1 Shattered Backboard hit retailers worldwide last Saturday, we were invited by the Oregon based brand to attend a special invite-only event held in Madrid, the "Defy Gravity". The place where the event was held was the already known to us Teatro Principe Pio, home of the first edition of Madrid’s event Dashape. The event kicked off with a red carpet reception in which familiar faces could be seen entering, people from the fashion industry, artists, and a few a-list celebs also. One thing in common: they were all dressed to impress, and with no exception, had some exquisite J’s on. Upon entering the building erected for the event, the circular shape threw us off at first, but we soon began to understand the meaning of it all: we were in for a special treat. The inner circle that had a stage and a basketball hoop in the middle was lined with the Jordan XXXI predecessors, from Jordan I to the 31st model, they were all there, all special treated in triple white, beautifully displayed. But that wasn’t everything, the brand had a couple surprises, aces up their sleeve. It ended up being an event kicked off by Jordan’s magical Backboard Shattering at the '86 tour. Throughout the night we celebrated Jordan, and his legacy. One to be remembered.   Pics by Juanma Jmse