The Sneakers Box - KARHU ARIA 'VAPPU' PACK


As the snow recedes and early blooming flowers begin to make their way through the ground, a Finnish spring surfaces out of long dark nights. Emerging from their homes after a cold winter and with uplifted spirits, citizens of Finland excite over one of the country’s biggest traditions. With warmer weather around the corner, the Vappu holiday takes place the last day of April and the first day of May to celebrate when the strong back of winter has been broken. It is a time when soon to graduate high school students reach for their caps and are joined by former classmates with hats already stained shades of yellow from celebrational champagne. Vibrant balloons adorn the sky and colorful school uniforms flood the city streets with a lively mood. Sima or homemade Finnish beer is passed around to share with pride. It is under this joyous sentiment that Karhu celebrates the Vappu holiday with a fantastic duble release, the Aria 'Vappu pack'. To capture the lighthearted atmosphere, Karhu incorporates vivid turquoise blues, tropical oranges and subtle pigskin greys. If you don't want to miss this special pack, mark on the calendar that the release of the of the Karhu Aria 'Vappu' pack is set on Friday, April 1st, and you can find these two exclusive sneakers in selected sneaker stores spread on the planet, such as  Kosmos,  Suppa, Slam Jam and Hanon.