The Sneakers Box - KARHU FUSION 2.0 x FOOTPATROL


It seems like lately we’ve been kicking off every article with some sort of anniversary, and this might be true, but it just goes to prove what a kick-ass year 2016 has been/is being. To add fuel to the fire, Karhu is celebrating not one, not two, not even 50 years of life, but 100. You read right, 100! And to celebrate this incredible feat, the Finnish brand has teamed up with UK’s very own Footpatrol. Notoriously famous, and altogether amazing store, known for its beautiful collaborations and for becoming a staple of London’s sneaker scene, the store has put together a conservative sneaker, taking bits from the great outdoors and infusing them with their own twist. The result: a straight burner. With a very earth-tone-palette, the Fusion 2.0 honors the Finnish outdoors, winter ready materials like premium pigskin suede and a perforated nubuck with a patch of ballistic nylon make this sneaker a direct reference to backpacks. The lace loops and laces are a reference to hiking. Details include a branded heel and the infamous gas mask on the inner sole. The Karhu Fusion 2.0 will be rleased at Footpatrol on Saturday, October 29th, in store and online.