The Finnish brand Karhu relaunches the models Aria and the Fusion 2.0 with a fantastic double special pack. The releases of the Aria 'Polar Night pack' and of the Fusion 2.0 'Mount Saana pack' are set on Wednesday, November 11th, and you will find these stylish sneakers in selected Karhu retailers around the globe, such as  Kosmos,  Sneakers76 and Afew.
KARHU ARIA 'POLAR NIGHT' PACK. Always exploring its Finnish roots, Karhu drew inspiration for the latest Aria release from the dark polar scenery. 'Polar Night' occurs in winter when the sun barely rises above the horizon, laying mystical dim light to the Nordics. The Grey and Burgundy based Aria colorways pay homage to the time of the year when nature is filled with different shades of grey and the dim sunlight that peeks from horizon gives the skyline a darker red accent. Both Aria colorways are fully executed in premium pig skin suede and come with 3M reflective details. The secure fit of the mono sock upper gives a sharp look to the shoe while improving the overall fit. Originally released 20 years ago as a performance trainer, the Aria debuted when injection molding midsole construction was at the forefront of footwear engineering. The advancements in construction allowed EVA midsole shapes to become more complex and aesthetically captivating.
KARHU FUSION 2.0 'MOUNT SAANA' PACK. Karhu brings back a refreshed version of its iconic Fusion silhouette. After the successful re-launch of the 90s runner ‘Aria,’ Karhu is ready to elevate the Legend collection with another icon from the same decade. In 1996, the Fusion was the top running shoe in the assortment and to bring it back from the archives Karhu worked with the original designer. The sole unit and upper measurements were revised to make the silhouette more appealing. But, the original details like the tongue label and the rubberized collar print are kept. To make the release even more special, Karhu linked the shoes to the sacredSaana mountain, a popular trail and outdoor sports destination in Northern Finland. The 'Mount Saana' pack comes in warm fall foliage colors like the seasonal Saana landscape appearance. The upper consists of a mix of pig skin suede and water resistant leather. This material selection in combination with the hiking laces and the camouflage printed footbed gives this Fusion pack a trail running look and feel with a casual edge. The Fusion 2.0 has the soul of the 90s, but the style of 2015.