The Sneakers Box - LE COQ SPORTIF LCS R1000 x SNEAKERS76


Along the coastline of Taranto you’ll find an amazing sea that will catch your eye and heart, thus the homage the Italian store Sneakers76 pays to the immense body of water, this time, in honor of the lighthouse, said to have saved many sailors throughout the years. The lighthouse, of Capo San Vito, is a true beauty. What better way to pay tribute than by having its symbolism and colors immortalized in a sneaker like the Le Coque Sportif LCS R1000 that continues to celebrate ten marvelous years of Sneakers76? The lighthouse, earth and sea set the color palette: a nubuck base, including a smooth stone-colored nubuck, green heel with spotted wooden details, and cognac leather represent the monastery. The packaging is exquisite, the second of four volumes -started with their Adidas collaboration- is a part of the series “A Tale Through Stories, Legends and Symbols of our Territory” created by the store to celebrate their decade in the game. If you don't want to miss this fantastic release, mark on the calendar that the launch of the Le Coq Sportif LCS R1000 x Sneakers76 "The Guardian of the Sea" is set at Sneakers76 on Saturday, November 12th, in store and online!