The two days full immersion deep into the world of Diadora has been such a unique and fascinating experience that allowed us to know better one of the much developing brand of the sneaker landscape. The company from Caerano di San Marco (Treviso, Italy) is a brand sustained by its important past but projected into the future. Thanks to accurate plans and strategies and the value of the ‘Made in Italy’, it has strongly returned on the scene in the sneaker game.

If Borg, Senna, Van Basten, Baggio and many other legends of sport belong to Diadora’s history, today this brand is not just appraising the past but also and principally investing in terms of research and development, proposing not only the OG classics from the archives, but also launching new re-elaborated, improved versions featuring technical contents from the performance world.

Diadora is willing to be a young and dynamic company, as its president Enrico Moretti Polegato is, who underlines how the employee’s mean age (35 years) and the reopening of the historic Manovia for the production of the ‘Made in Italy’, fully mirror the philosophy of the brand.

The three major retro running inspired models are the N9000 (Neutral), the S8000 (Stability) and the V7000 (Velocity), proposed along a wide range of colorways and materials, while the B.Elite is a tennis classic that does not need presentations.

From this season Diadora has much invested in the handcrafted production, opening the production line within the firm, where the S8000 Made in Italy and the international partnerships are made.

This production is extremely high quality and is possible thanks to the specialized handcraft that takes ten times more time compared to the industrial products (Asia). Diadora, to produce 1 Made in Italy pair of shoes, invests the same time that a standard industrial production (Asiauses to realize 10 pairs.

This means 10 times more care for the whole process, from the textures to the sealing, from the assembling of the soles to the realization of the finishings. All this completed by using first-choice materials and leathers, so a unique mix of handmade and quality.

Enjoy the photo recap with a full shooting of the Diadora HQ, the museum, the creative officies, the handmade production and the day in Venice... and remember that when you buy sneakers you’re not buying just a pair of shoes!