Five years ago, TheSneakersBox was created with the intention of bringing news and local adventures lived by a group in Trento, Italy. The idea, (in the long run) was to end up having a guide to sneaker stores around the world. There was a true necessity of this becoming a reality - all major directories had fallen in the hands of neglect and none proved to be up to date, listing stores that have been closed for quite some time.

About three years ago, the team began to grow, and open up a little bit, meeting in sneaker events around Europe, the team struck up some very interesting connections and partnerships, leading to the incorporation of a few new heads to the project. This would prove to be a true push to achieve the goal, finally combining the right minds for an excellent project.

Now, three years later, we can finally say we have a team, and an excellent product. The sample book released in Spring 2016 was made in extremely limited numbers, enough for friends and family, but not to worry, this was done as a safety net, and the results have been amazing, so now, we are proud to say that in Spring 2017we will have issue #1 available for the public.

The book, at its core, is essentially that, a sneaker stores guide, but it also offers a look into what goes on in sneaker culture. Events, artists inspired work by sneakers, and photography. Tons of photography. TheSneakersBox lives footwear. The team is formed by creatives, storeowners, designers, etc., with a common passion for sneakers bringing all of them together. So, with over 20 years experience, we like to think we know what we’re doing.

Although we started with the book, the book is the final chapter, the Encap, if you will of a year-long celebration of sneaker culture. Our website, is going through a complete makeover and the idea is to be able to showcase products, stores, review new technology and have an updated calendar with events. We are trying to turn into a relevant source for information about sneakers and stores, and we are succeeding.

The intention of the book is to showcase what is going on in the sneaker culture. Looking at the previous year and historically giving a context to what moves and motivates the culture. The book will be a yearly publication released every spring.

We have major partners we are already working with across the globe, and we’re excited about the project as a whole. It is our sincere hope that you enjoy the project and join us in this celebration of sneaker culture.

TheSneakersBox - A Guide To Sneaker Culture | Not For Resale