The eagerly awaited first edition of Sneakerness Milan was held on Saturday 6th and Sunday 7th October at Fabbrica Orobia. The first Italian stage of what is undoubtedly among one of the most relevant sneaker events around the globe didn’t fail to fulfill all expectations, boasting a relentless flow of sneaker lovers through stands and tables, and proving so successful that its presence in Milan in 2019 has already been confirmed.

Inside Fabbrica Orobia several spaces were set up, ranging from the classic reseller tables showing the hypest sneakers on the scene, to more peculiar stands such as that of Special Milano store, offering several of the most remarkable Diadora collaborations, at retail price.

Also, you could bump into stands from alternative brands like the Milan based customizers form Mundus Hub, or pinqponq with its innovative backpacks, and even the prints and artworks by Ghica Popa, a renowned and influent Romanian artist with a unique, enthralling graphic style.

Indoor, you could further find Swatch, New Era, Kappa, Crep Protect, Puma, Foot Locker, Space 23 and Dropout, just to name a few, while the outside was provided with several food trucks offering culinary proposals to please any palate.

These amazing two days were also completed by tennis shows, free throw contests, freestyle football challenges, as well as talks revolving around the sneaker world, hosting influent personalities such as Daniele Valente (Sneakers76), Jacopo Pozzati (SOTF), Fabrizio De Lucia (Suede), Kish Kash, and many others.

No better event than Sneakerness Milan could have served as setup for exclusively premiering our brand new App, where you can surf through sneakers, stores, events, news, and raffles from all around the world!

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In a matter of just a few days, the App will be available for download and free of charge on Google Play and Apple Store, but those who joined Sneakerness had a chance to download a beta version, also taking part into several raffles in partnership with Sneakerness, pinqponq, Mundus Hub, Ghica Popa, and Karhu.

No need to worry, though, if you have no App or wins yet, because we’ll keep planning loads of raffles in the next months too, and joining will be really easy, you'll just need to download the App on Google Play and Apple Store!

Meanwhile, we want to thank Centoeventi and Sneakerness team for having us as partner of this incredible event, and mark on your calendar that Sneakerness Cologne is set on November 3rd and 4th. Stay tuned!