The Scottish store Hanon and the Swedish brand WeSC (We Are the Superlative Conspiracy) have merged their forces to give us a gorgeous capsule collection to begin properly the new year. Thanks to a cultural mix of skateboard and streetwear, and to the common north-European spirit, Hanon and WeSC have decided to unite Scotland and Sweden producing a limited collection that ranges from clothes to accessories, to shoes. This capsule takes inspiration from the city of Aberdeen, where the store Hanon is based, and from the colors of Scotland. Manufactured in Europe by WeSC, the collection is composed of 10 pieces, including: two 5-panel hats, one beanie, two t-shirts, a flannel shirt, a wool sweater, a crewneck sweatshirt, a wool jacket, and, top of the tops, a Vibram-sole casual shoe.
The Hanon x WeSC capsule collection is available around the globe in selected stores, such as Hanon, Special and Kosmos.