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TheSneakersBox is an international independent publishing project that comes from over 20 years of experience, a place to meet knowledge and passion, dedicated not only to the sneaker lovers as fans, but also to all those who simply wear sneakers every day and want to know "what's out there", because " when you buy sneakers, you're not buying just a pair of shoes ... “.
In 2011 we also set out with the project of creating the first printed and online sneaker stores guide. What started off as a "simple" guide to stores has evolved into something much more important: "A Guide To Sneaker Culture”. TheSneakersBox – A Guide To Sneaker Culture – is the world’s first guide to the sneaker culture and features stores, shoes, artists and events as protagonists. It has been developed into a book, a website and an App.
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  • Paolo Beghini Founder

  • Tommaso Fido Illustrator

  • Federico Lucca Software Developer

  • Pierfrancesco D'Agostino Software Developer

  • Guillermo Erice Contributor

  • Claudia Sevignani Assistant

  • Kish Kash Contributor

  • El Zapatillaz Tio Photographer

  • Thomas Semelliker Photographer

  • Alain Citton Contributor

  • Leo Di Angilla Music Editor



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